Jimmies split season opening matches against EOU and Cornerstone (2022)

Jimmies split season opening matches against EOU and Cornerstone (1)

BUTTE, MONT., — For the first time in 652 days, the University of Jamestown have lost a regular season match. The No. 2- ranked Jimmies lost in four sets (13-25, 25-17, 25-27, 17-25) to the no. 12-ranked Eastern Oregon Mountaineers.

Jimmies head coach Jon Hegerle said he and assistant coach Jake Fulsom joked about the team being on a two game losing streak after the match but that the team needs the time and the forgiveness to go through their growing pains.

“We had more kills, we hit at a higher percentage, we had more digs but they had five missed serves and we had 18 missed serves,” Hegerle said. “So, those are the things that I think will happen with a young team that is trying to step into another level of play is at first we’re gonna make some errors. We as coaches, myself, I’m really talking, preaching to myself, I have to be ok with some of that or else we’re not gonna grow.”

The Jimmies struggled out of the gate in the first set trailing 13-5. After a Jimmies timeout with the score sitting at 20-12, the Mountaineers went on a run that saw them outscore the Jimmies 5-1 to get a 25-13 first set win.

“You had alluded to this in your questions before we left about does it concern me that Eastern Oregon already played two matches and we’ll be playing our first match,” Hegerle said. “At the time I said no because I didn’t want that to be excuse but that really came into play. For alot of those it was our first time ever on a varsity court, for a lot of our players and you could see that and in between set one and two I said, ‘well I don’t think it could’ve gone much worse.’ It wasn’t unexpected Max, that team’s a very good team that we played and they put a lot of pressure on us and also the fact that we weren’t sure who we are yet.”


After a tight open to the second set, the Jimmies’ Aleah Zieske rose up for a kill to take a 5-4 lead. That started an 8-3 Jimmies run to take a 13-6 lead. The Mountaineers (1-0) were never able to fight back into the second set and the Jimmies put the second set away on an attack error by the Mountaineers’ Cambree Scott to tie the match up at one set a piece with a 25-17 Jimmies set win.

Jimmies fail to find equalizer in 2-1 loss to Rocky Mountain

The Jimmies were outshot 13-4 in the match.

September 11, 2022 04:30 PM


By Max O'Neill

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Jimmies struggle in 1-0 loss to Rocky Mountain College

September 11, 2022 02:11 PM

The Jimmies’ Anna Holen got the kill to open the third set and give the Jimmies an early 1-0 lead before the teams traded points for the remainder of the set. The Mountaineers looked to be on their way to a third set win when a Grace Hegerle service error push their lead out to 20-17. The Jimmies responded though tying the third set up at 21 on a kill from Darrienne Johnson. The Mountaineers were able to take the third set thanks to a Kalli Hegerle attack error to make it 27-25.

The fourth set was all Mountaineers as they sprinted out to a 7-3 lead thanks to an attack error from Logan Sherman before the Jimmies fought back and cut the deficit to 11-10. The Mountaineers responded with a 14-7 run to get a 25-17 fourth-set win.

The Jimmies had 56 errors compared to 45 for the Mountaineers.

Jimmies rebound with four set win:

BUTTE – The Jimmies faced losing two matches in a row in the face for the first time since 2018, but fought back to get a win over Cornerstone University in four sets (21-25, 25-21, 25-16, 25-17) on Friday, Aug. 19, 2022 at Montana Technological University’s HPER Complex.

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After the Golden Eagles (0-2) sprinted out to a 7-3 lead in the first set, the Jimmies (1-1) responded with a run to take a 13-12 lead. The Golden Eagles responded with a 9-1 run to take a 21-14 lead, including five points in a row. The run was ended by a Logan Sherman kill to cut the deficit to 21-15, but a 5-4 Jimmies run wasn’t enough as the Golden Eagles got the 25-21 first set win.

The Jimmies took over in the second set going on a 10-6 run and stretching it to as much as a six point lead at 19-13. Despite a late Golden Eagles push, an Eagles service error and attack error gave the Jimmies a 25-21 second set win.

The third set was much tighter as the action was back and forth with the Jimmies taking an early 10-8 lead. Holen rose up and got a kill to push the Jimmies lead out to 11-8 though to jump start a run 7-2 Jimmies run to take a 17-10 lead. The Jimmies put the third set away with kills by Hegerle, Maddie Demars and Aleah Zieske and an attack error by the Golden Eagles’ Kaylee Dykema to give the Jimmies a 25-16 third set win.


After the Jimmies trailed 4-2 in the fourth set, the team scored seven of the next nine points to take a 9-6 lead. The Golden Eagles would fight back and tie the fourth set up at 11 on a kill from Kylie Barron. Barron got another kill to cut her team’s deficit to 18-16 before the Jimmies put the clamps down and took advantage of four errors and three kills from Holen and Lexi Olson to get a 25-17 fourth set win.

“I think the number one thing I learned was that they are hungry to get to that next level,” Hegerle said. “One of the self defense mechanisims we have is to say maybe we’re just not good enough and it’s easy to do when you’re in this environment. THat’s the fight and I thought our team did a great job in continuning to try to get better in that last match really in both matches.”

The Jimmies return to the court at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 20, when they take on Bushnell University.

EOU 3, UJ 1

EOU: 25 17 27 25–3

UJ: 13 25 25 17–1

Kills leaders:

EOU: Preslee Jensen 10, Madison Morgan 9, Sade Williams 7, Kara Clayton 7

UJ: Kalli Hegerle 14, Anna Holen 8, Darienne Johnson 7

Assists leaders:

EOU: Alexis McMurtrey 23, Hannah Ledgerwood 11, Hailey Arritola 5

UJ: Paige Oswald 24, Hegerle 16, A. Holen 1, Ellie Holen 1, Averi Beyer 1, Aleah Zieske 1

Aces leaders:

EOU: Clayton 2, McMurtey 2, Hannah Ramage 1

UJ: Zieske 1, Tenley Budedenhagen 1

CU 1, UJ 3

CU: 25 21 16 17–1

UJ: 21 25 25 25–3

Kills leaders:

CU: Rylie Walters 11, Kylie Barron 10, Olivia Keelan 9

UJ: Hegerle 14, Lexi Olson 9, Zieske 9

Assists leaders:

CU: Aubrey Lenz 37, Regan Vaughn 3, Patsy Morris 2

UJ: Oswald 25, Hegerle 16, E. Holen 3

Aces leaders:

CU: Keelan 2, Lenz 1, Walters 1, Vaughn 1, Emma Whitley 1

UJ: E. Holen 2, Olson 1, Hegerle 1

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By Max O'Neill

My name is Max O'Neill. I am a Sports Reporter at The Jamestown Sun. I am a native New Yorker, who graduated from Ithaca College in 2020 with a degree in Television-Radio.


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