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A powerhouse of American collegiate sports from the country’s heartland.The team trying to bring the America’s Cup home to Britain for the first time. One of the most anonymous teams in the NBA. And a fifth division English football team. What could these four seemingly unrelated sports organizations have in common? The Ohio State University Buckeyes, Land Rover BAR, the Sacramento Kings and Forest Green Rovers are four of the greenest teams on the planet.

Ohio State University Buckeyes

Ohio State is one of the gold standard programs in college football, winning its eighth national championship in 2015. The 65,000-plus student, Columbus-based school also owns 29 other NCAA championships, including a title in men’s basketball and multiple banners in swimming (11) as well as women’s rowing (three). There’s no other way to say it: Ohio State is a college sports powerhouse.

And, while Ohio’s pro loyalties are largely split between Cleveland in the north and Cincinnati in the south, Ohio State, in the centrally located capital city of Columbus, is the closest thing to a unifying force in sports in the state. With more than 106,000 fans fillingOhio Stadium(aka the Horseshoe) at every home football game and with millions following the Buckeyes on TV, radio and online, the impact of Ohio State football is massive.

Given the huge fan base and audience, the potential impacts of Ohio State’s Zero Waste home football games — the school just complete its fourth straight Zero Waste football season are also staggering. Zero Waste events are defined as diverting at least 90 percent of waste from the landfill via recycling, composting or repurposing. The Buckeyes diverted an insanely great 96.35 percent of in-stadium waste in 2015, winning the Big Ten Conference diversion rate championship for the fourth consecutive year. Results for 2016 are not complete but it looks as though OSU football’s diversion rates will be similar to the prior year’s.

Ohio Stadium is thought to be the biggest Zero Waste stadium in the world. And the Schottenstein Center, aka Value City Arena, the 18,000-plus seat home of Buckeyes basketball and hockey, which opened in 2000, is getting into the Zero Waste action. They expect to get there sometime in 2017.

Zero Waste events are defined as diverting at least 90 percent of waste from the landfill via recycling, composting or repurposing. The Buckeyes diverted 96.35 percent of in-stadium waste in 2015.

Indications are Ohio State’s greening efforts are breaking through with fans:

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  • Out of 175 people surveyed in 2014, all but three thought that Ohio State athletics has some level of responsibility (slight, some and strong) to add environmental efforts into their athletics operations. Yes, it’s a small sample size, but directionally it’s telling.
  • The rest of the campus is taking the green lead from Ohio State football: Diversion rates across the entire university have almost doubled since the pre-Zero Waste football days, rising from 16.1 percent in FY 2004 to 30.4 percent in FY 2015.
  • Food waste, with the help of OSU Zero Waste volunteers, is transported to Price Farms Organic, a composting facility in Delaware, Ohio. The waste is eventually turned into a mulch called Stadium Scarlet (the school’s colors are scarlet and gray), which Buckeyes fans, most of whom are landscapers or homeowners, purchase for $40 per cubic yard.
  • A 101 kW237-panelel solar array was installed in 2014 on the Recreational and Physical Activities Center roof, adjacent to the Horseshoe in the Buckeyes’ iconic Block O configuration. It makes for a great aerial scene-setter shot and a terrific talking point.

Fans of the University of Colorado-Boulder, with its absolutely sterling record of sports-sustainability leadership (Zero Waste, on site solar, state-of-the-art water conservation and restoration programs), might say, "Ohio State is great, but what about us?" And they have a point.

Highlighting OSU is not a knock on Colorado far from it. Our feeling was that Ohio State deserves particular kudos because it is in the green conversation with a school such as Colorado (in eco-haven Boulder) despite being in the center of a state that voted for Donald Trump for president. That is a big deal.

Land Rover Bar

Sir Ben Ainslie is the most successful sailor in Olympic history, winning medals at five consecutive Olympics (1996 to 2012), including gold at the last four; he also played a key part in Oracle Team USA’s stirring comeback to capture the 2013 America’s Cup.

While his past is certainly legendary, two aspects of the future animate Ainslie’s life these days. No 1 is his role as skipper of Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR), Britain’s entry in the 35th America’s Cup, to be contested in Bermuda starting in May. The challenge isn’t that big no, it’s only about bringing the Cup to the U.K. for the first time. Britain has been trying to win the darn thing since 1851.

That there’s room for anything else on Ainslie’s plate these days is astounding, but his will to win is matched with the need to do so with purpose and his purpose is to use his platform at the top of the sailing world to advocate for clean oceans, the climate change fight and to bring sustainability to the rest of the sailing world.

Ainslie’s path to Green-Sports leader was kickstarted after the 2013 America’s Cup when he met Wendy Schmidt of the 11th Hour Project, parent of 11th Hour Racing, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy oceans through world-class sailing teams. According to Ainslie, "Wendy instilled in me the responsibility someone like myself in sport has to [build a team] with sustainability as a core principle, a core belief."

11th Hour Racing soon became Land Rover BAR’s exclusive sustainability partner and, from that point on, the team’s environmental efforts have been full speed ahead. A partial list of Land Rover BAR’s sustainability initiatives includes building its home base in Portsmouth to BREEAM Excellent (the British equivalent of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED) standards.

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The 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone features interactive exhibits on topics such as innovation and technology, ocean health, invasive species and renewable energy.

Per Ainslie, "Probably the neatest thing about the base is the wrap — it makes it look pretty cool and it also helps the building retain heat in the winter and keep cooler in summer. And the sustainability of the base helps show our supporters, our partners, our competitors and also the media — who’ve been quite impressed — that we’re in this for the long haul." It also includes:

  • Using 100 percent renewable electricity at the base.
  • Employing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to make its operations as environmentally friendly and smart as possible. It does so by determining how best to use, reuse and dispose of materials from design to end-of-life.
  • Meatless Mondays for the team and staff.
  • Drafted a sustainability charter for the other America’s Cup contestants to adopt.

Moving half the team to Bermuda means Land Rover BAR has brought its sustainability commitment to the island in the Atlantic:

  • 11th Hour Racing is funding an educational center open to the public, close to the America’s Cup Race Village where event organizers expect an average of 10,000 visitors/day during the competition. The 11th Hour Racing Exploration Zone features interactive exhibits on topics such as innovation and technology, ocean health, invasive species, the New Plastics Economy and renewable energy, as well as a STEM classroom.
  • Along with Bermuda’s leading environmental organizations, the team and 11th Hour Racing are developing a legacy project around the lionfish, an invasive species creating havoc in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. The goal is to raise awareness, promote lionfish as a sustainable and delectable choice of seafood and support an innovative solution to mitigate the invasion.

Sacramento Kings

It’s been a long decade for Sacramento Kings fans. On the court, the club hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004. And the team was under constant threat of relocation from 2006 to 2013.

That threat ended with the 2013 sale of the Kings to local businessman Vivek Ranadivé. And, despite another poor start this season, Sacramento fans and the community at large can be proud of the leadership the team is displaying in the NBA in the climate change fight through the construction and October opening of Golden 1 Credit Union Center, the first LEED Platinum arena in the world. Platinum is the highest level of certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, representing the top 3 percent of buildings certified.

At the top of the Kings’ green list is the club’s commitment to generate 100 percent of the building’s electricity from solar power.

And get this going 100 percent solar was in response to the fans. In a powerful March 2016 Huffington Post Op-Ed, Randivé recalled that in "survey[s] of over 20,000 Sacramentans and countless focus groups, one of the top answers to the question of 'What do you want Golden 1 Center to be?' was always the same: To become a model of sustainability. Our fans wanted a state-of-the-art arena that would deliver an unparalleled experience for both fans and the environment."

Golden 1 Center will be the first indoor arena in the world to derive 100 percent of its electricity from solar energy sourced within 50 miles of the arena.

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Randivé and company are giving the fans what they asked for. Golden 1 Center will be the first indoor arena in the world to derive 100 percent of its electricity from solar energy sourced within 50 miles of the arena. The Kings will buy 85 percent of its electric load from Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) new 10.9-megawatt solar farm; the other 15 percent will come from solar panels atop the building’s rooftop.

Want more green firsts? Golden 1 Center is the first arena in the world to be both indoor and outdoor. How can that be possible? By featuring five massive hangar doors above the grand entrance that open and allow the arena to use a natural cooling phenomenon in Sacramento the Delta breeze to control the building's climate efficiently, that’s how.

There’s more: The Kings' architectural choices are estimated to keep nearly 2,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually out of the atmosphere equivalent to emissions from about 4 million vehicle miles.

Perhaps even more extraordinary than Golden 1 Center’s green features is Ranadivé’s exemplary forward-looking vision:

Our hope in creating Golden 1 Center was to help drive meaningful change in our community — which includes working to curb climate change and promote renewable energy. Businesses, including large sports franchises, have a core responsibility to help facilitate the world’s clean energy transition so that we can better protect the health and environment of future generations. The 1.2 million people who will pass through our doors each year will see first hand how adopting the best sustainability practices can improve the fan experience.

Forest Green Rovers

From a distance, Forest Green Rovers F.C.(FGR), dating back to 1889, is like most every other club at the Conference/5th tier level. They play in a quaint, 5,000-ish seat stadium (the New Lawn). They have a small group of hyper-local followers. And they’re pushing for promotion to the league above them (as of this writing, a little more than halfway through the season, FGR stands in second place, good for a spot in the promotion playoffs if the season ended today.)

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But when you look closer, you’ll see a club that, on the pitch and especially off, should be a model for all professional sports teams on either side of the pond.

It starts with ownership. Dale Vince, OBE, became the club’s major shareholder and chairman in 2010. He also is the founder and owner of Ecotricity, based in nearby Stroud, which is taking on the challenge of reducing up to 80 percent of Great Britain’s carbon footprint. Since 1995, Ecotricity has become a green "triple threat," dealing with electricity (through wind and solar project development), transportation (EV battery chargers at highway rest stops) and food (in the concept stage on wind-powered tractors and other clean farm energy projects). The company is privately held, pays no dividends and so profits are plowed back into the building of more clean energy. Thus, Ecotricity’s motto: "Turn (electric) Bills Into (wind) Mills."Al Gore is a fan. It is the largest private sector employer in the area. Ecotricity has serious green cred.

That green cred extends to FGR, which is pioneering theGreening of Football. Along with putting a quality squad on the pitch, the essence of FGR is deep green.

Since 1995, Ecotricity has become a green 'triple threat,' dealing with electricity, transportation and food.

The most revolutionary move was to go meat-free at the club training table and then at the concessions stands at the New Lawn. You read that right: Veggie burgers only. In an interview with the Independent in 2014, Vince conceded that, at first, there was "a fan revolt." But then things turned. Vince said, "I didn’t give in. [And] now no fan says the veggie burger is worse than a meat burger. They even come up to me and thank me, and say I’ve changed their lives."

While energy efficient LEDs are increasingly the rage at sporting venues vs. the traditional, energy-sucking Metal Halide lights, Vince said LEDs are not energy efficient enough— so they’re looking into lower energy lighting. Does anyone doubt they’ll figure this one out? There are solar panels on the roof and also ground-mounted solar powered car ports at the New Lawn. The latter are visible to all fans entering and leaving the stadium, further cementing the greenness of the club among the fan base.

To Vince, sustainability is integral to the club’s DNA and its long-term viability: "We’re building a football club that’s both environmentally and financially sustainable. We got involved for two reasons social and environmental. The club is a big part of the local community, with a rich tradition, and it needed rescuing. For us, it was an investment in the local community. Secondly, the club offered an opportunity to take our sustainable message to a new audience a large and passionate new audience largely unaccustomed to dealing with sustainability issues."

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I’m ready for a veggie burger.


What are 4 sustainable practices? ›

However, it actually refers to four distinct areas: human, social, economic and environmental – known as the four pillars of sustainability.

What are 3 sustainability practices? ›

Sustainability has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet, and profits.

What are 2 examples of sustainable practices that we can do? ›

Drive less, Drive green.

Changing your driving habits can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Walk, bike, carpool or use public transportation whenever possible. Combine errands to make fewer trips. Participate in, or start, car-free days in your community.

What are some ideas for sustainability? ›

Use Sustainable Technologies

They run 100% on renewable energy and use some of their profits to plant trees. Use solar energy chargers. Donate your old devices to poor kids or NGOs. Dispose of your electronic items to local waste recycling programs.

What are the 4 factors of sustainable development? ›

The four pillars of sustainability are Human, Social, Economic, and Environmental. Those are the 4 distinct areas where sustainability needs to be achieved to have sustainable development, that's why they are identified as the four pillars of sustainability.

What are the 5 factors of sustainability? ›

Community Wealth Partners recommends that nonprofit organizations consider how they are performing across five key drivers of sustainability: social impact, focused business strategy, economic viability, adaptability, and capacity to deliver.

How do you write a sustainability statement? ›

How to Write a Sustainability Report
  1. Define Sustainability and Gather Information. ...
  2. Create Your Sustainability Report Outline. ...
  3. State the Company's Strategic Goals. ...
  4. List the Company's Sustainability Activities. ...
  5. Provide a Status Report. ...
  6. Summarize and Give Recommendations.
29 Apr 2019

Why is sustainability so important? ›

Sustainability is important for many reasons including: Environmental Quality – In order to have healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment. Growth – UNTHSC's enrollment continues to grow, so we require more resources such as energy, water, and space.

How can you make your home more sustainable? ›

20 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
  1. Add solar panels. ...
  2. Create a recycling center. ...
  3. Create a compost station. ...
  4. Switch to LED lightbulbs. ...
  5. Install low-flow showerheads. ...
  6. Purchase energy-efficient appliances. ...
  7. Use natural cleaning products. ...
  8. Use a smart thermostat.

How can you be more sustainable at home? ›

Here are 9 simple tips for a more sustainable lifestyle:
  1. MAKE YOUR OWN CLEANING PRODUCTS. When it comes to green cleaning, white vinegar is about to become your best friend. ...
  2. BE WATER-WISE. Just . ...
  3. GROW A GARDEN. ...
  6. SPEAK UP. ...
25 May 2020

What is sustainability in your own words? ›

What is sustainability? Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmental- ism.

What is sustainability plan? ›

A sustainability plan is a roadmap for achieving long-term goals and documents strategies to continue the program, activities, and partnerships.

What is a sustainability team? ›

Sustainability Teams or “Green Teams” are teams of staff working to create a culture of sustainability where they work on campus. Teams are created to focus on sustainability change in specific departments, colleges, and units.

What are the 4 main components of environmental sustainability? ›

Let us look at the four elements of environmental sustainability and environmental regulatory compliance: air, water, management, and risk reduction.

What is a key factor of sustainability? ›

The four key factors are Sustainable Innovation Business Model; Stakeholders Management; Economic and Competitive Advantage, and Environmental Policies and Resources Saving.

What is sustainable development answer? ›

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

What is one of the main sustainability benefits? ›

Sustainability maintains the health and biocapacity of the environment. Sustainability supports the well-being of individuals and communities. Sustainability promotes a better economy where there is little waste and pollution, fewer emissions, more jobs, and a better distribution of wealth.

What factors are most important in making sustainability decisions? ›

According to Foundry, those six key factors are: optimize your current use of fossil fuels, eliminate waste, recycle, recover energy, save time, and reduce, or eliminate, pollution. These all sound great, but you can tell that they have more to do with profits and appearance than environmentalism.

What are the 4 factors affecting the environment? ›

Air, water, climate, soil, natural vegetation and landforms are all environmental factors.

What is a good sustainability report? ›

A good sustainability report should make it possible to understand a proactive and ambitious vision, resolutely oriented towards the future, supported by sustainability objectives that project the company towards 2025 or even 2030.

What should I include in my sustainability report? ›

A sustainability report will often include the company's goals and its news releases, along with information on products or issues that are of particular interest to the public. The report should also offer a list of materials used in production and distribution, such as packaging and paper for printing.

What makes a good sustainability policy? ›

Adherence to current environmental legislation. Streamlining business processes, creating less waste and using less energy. Create a better reputation with environmentally conscious customers. Improve your standing with stakeholders in the business.

What is one way you have committed to sustainability? ›

I will reduce or eliminate my use of bottled water when other sources of drinking water are available. Waste Reduction is important at both ends of the consumer path — decreasing the amount of energy and resources used to produce goods, and lowering the impact of waste that pollutes the earth, air, and water.

How important is sustainable development? ›

Importance of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development always encourages us to conserve and enhance our resources, by gradually changing the manners in which we develop and use technologies. All Countries should meet their basic needs of employment, food, energy, water, and sanitation.

What is the meaning of sustainable life? ›

Sustainable living means understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and finding ways for everyone to live better and lighter.

What are the 7 principles of sustainable living? ›

Principles of Sustainable Living
  • Effective land use and wildlife protection. ...
  • Sustainable water usage. ...
  • Supporting local and organic foods. ...
  • The use of sustainable materials. ...
  • The use of sustainable transport. ...
  • Zero waste and zero carbon. ...
  • Creating own healthy environment. ...
  • Realize local cultural values.

Why are sustainable homes important? ›

Whether these homes help or harm our planet is up to us. Sustainable homes require less energy to heat and cool, enhance occupant comfort and are more resilient to climate and weather extremes. Sustainable homes can also be a driver for economic growth.

What is sustainable development short essay? ›

What is Sustainable Development? The World Commission on Environment and Development popularized this concept in 1987. Their report defines the idea as a “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”

What is the meaning of together towards a sustainable common home? ›

That is house which is energy efficient by itself, environmentally healthy, respectful for the natural environment, comfortable for family life, in other words to be sustainable designed, built of green or recycled materials, and this house should use alternative energy resources.

Why do we need to protect our environment essay? ›

Due to pollution and deforestation, the health of many people is poor. Conserving the Environment would certainly improve the health of people. Most noteworthy, saving Environment would reduce many diseases. Saving Environment would certainly protect the animals.

How can I protect my nature essay? ›

How to Conserve Nature and Its Resources?
  1. Reduce Water Consumption.
  2. Reduce Usage of Electricity.
  3. Restrict Usage of Paper.
  4. Use Newer Agricultural Methods.
  5. Spread Awareness.

How can we improve our environment essay? ›

Stop littering and also encourage others to stop the same. Don't use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, rather go for organic ones. Minimize vehicle use as exhaust gases are the greatest pollutants of air. Save forests and plant trees because they are the lungs of the environment.

What's another word for sustainability? ›

stamina, supportability, resilience, vitality, achievability, stability, reliability, acceptability, practicality, autonomy, profitability, cost-effectiveness, effectiveness, equilibrium, stabilisation, perseverance, tenacity.

What does acting sustainably mean? ›

By definition, acting sustainably means taking a sustainable approach to the personal consumption of natural raw materials and other resources of the earth, Consideration for the needs of future generations to take action.

What are the types of sustainable development? ›

The three types of sustainable development are: Economic viability. Environmental protection. Social equity.

How do you write a sustainability action plan? ›

Develop a Sustainability Action Plan
  1. Assemble the planning team.
  2. Review your program's mission and purpose.
  3. Review your Program Sustainability Assessment Tool results.
  4. Determine which program elements need to be maintained, eliminated, or adapted.
  5. Prioritize the areas of sustainability capacity to address first.

How do you write sustainability in a project proposal? ›

In the sustainability plan, you should focus only on the sustainability of your project itself. The three parts that you should address are the community sustainability, financial sustainability, and organizational sustainability of your project.

Why do people needs to sustain their community? ›

the needs of everyone in the community are met and people feel safe, healthy and ultimately happy. our environment is appreciated, protected and enhanced and damage to the environment is minimised. our economy is vibrant, employment opportunities are improved and our working lives are more rewarding.

What should be done to sustain the team? ›

To create and sustain a high-performance team:
  • Begin with the goal in mind.
  • Find the right people.
  • Create a shared sense of purpose.
  • Empower the team.
  • Make feedback an inherent part of the process.
  • Invest in development.
  • Don't be afraid to let go.
28 Jul 2016

How do you run a green team? ›

  1. Step 1: Announce a Call for Green Team Members. ...
  2. Step 2: Host Your First Official Meeting. ...
  3. Step 3: Assign Roles and Responsibilities. ...
  4. Step 4: Discuss Meeting Times and Outreach. ...
  5. Step 5: Establish Your Green Mission Statement. ...
  6. Step 6: Audit Existing Green Initiatives. ...
  7. Step 7: Attract Volunteers and Build Satellite Teams.
30 Dec 2020

What are the 4 components of sustainable tourism? ›

The GTSC 4 Pillars of Sustainable Tourism include:
  • Effective Management: How are you implementing and managing sustainable practices across your tourism business? ...
  • Social & Economic: How are you helping the places where your tourism product operates? ...
  • Cultural: How does your tourism business support cultural heritage?
20 Jan 2021

What are sustainable practices in childcare? ›

Sustainable practices are embedded in the children's daily routine and in their day-to-day activities, these may include: Using recyclable materials where possible. Encouraging children to use half flush on the toilets. Encouraging children to turn the water off when they have washed their hands.

What sustainability practices mean? ›

Sustainable practices are the processes services employ to maintain the qualities that are valued in the physical environment. Living sustainably is about living within the means of natural systems (environment) and ensuring that our lifestyle doesn't harm other people.

Why is it important to be sustainable? ›

Sustainability is important for many reasons including: Environmental Quality – In order to have healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment. Growth – UNTHSC's enrollment continues to grow, so we require more resources such as energy, water, and space.

What are the 3 main areas of sustainable tourism impact? ›

The ILO's definition of sustainable tourism is, that it is “composed of three pillars: social justice, economic development, and environmental integrity.

How tourism can contribute to the sustainable development goals? ›


Sustainable tourism can play a major role, not only in conserving and preserving biodiversity, but also in respecting terrestrial ecosystems, owing to its efforts towards the reduction of waste and consumption, the conservation of native flora and fauna, and its awareness-raising activities.

What is the most important principles of sustainable tourism development? ›

Just like sustainable development, sustainable tourism is based on 3 main principles: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability.

How can you model sustainable practice? ›

Modelling Sustainable Practices
  1. sweep instead of vacuuming.
  2. Avoide clothes dryers where possible use out door clothes lines.
  3. Ensure IT equipment is running at optimum levels for effiecency.
  4. Instalation of insulationbatts in the ceiling.
13 Oct 2015

What can be done to enhance sustainability and environmental responsibility in the workplace? ›

Here are five workplace practices for better environmental sustainability.
  • Encourage employees to use public transportation.
  • Change to eco-friendly office lighting.
  • Become involved in your community.
  • Perform an energy audit to identify resource and cost savings opportunities.

Why is it important for children to be introduced to sustainability? ›

Practicing sustainability empowers children to construct knowledge, explore values and develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their worlds. This lays the foundations for an environmentally responsible adulthood.

How can sustainability be achieved? ›

Aspects such as environmental conservation, investment in renewable energies, saving water, supporting sustainable mobility, and innovation in sustainable construction and architecture, contribute to achieving this environmental sustainability on several fronts.

What is a sentence for sustainability? ›

Sustainability sentence example. It followed the principles of sustainability. Sustainability is not a political issue. Sustainability has to do with environmental impact as well as economic and social impact.

What is sustainable development in your own words? ›

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."


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